Our Warranty

  1. Propshaft Exchange Pretoria rebuild units are warranted for a period of twelve months / 20 000km.
  2. This warranty shall become null and void if a unit failure occurs as a result of not serviced/greased properly or not properly fitted by someone other than Propshaft Exchange Pretoria.
  3. This warranty is limited to the replacement unit. No claim for any consequential loss will be covered.
  4. This warranty applies to normal use for which the vehicle was designed, and will become invalid if the unit is used for racing or motor rally purposes.
  5. Propshaft Exchange Pretoria shall not be held responsible for damages caused by mishandling of a unit.
  6. This warranty becomes invalid if any unauthorized work is carried out to a unit.
  7. This warranty is subject to the buyer complying with the installation instructions and conditions.
  8. Failure to comply with all or any of the above points will cause the warranty to become null and void.

Warranty Claim Procedure

  1. The company must with no avail inform Propshaft Exchange Pretoria of unit failure.
    Propshaft Exchange Pretoria will arrange rectification and advise the relevant company of:

    • Natur of failure
    • Cause of failure
    • Action to be taken
    • Estimated downtime
    • Any extra costs (if any)